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Tell your Amazon Echo device what to say.

Note: This tool uses an Alexa beta feature currently only available for Amazon Echo devices in the US and will only work with select devices. Supported devices include: Echo, Echo Tap, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Spot.

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Select a voice

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Select a voice mode

Generated Weblink

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Share your voice phrase with others! You can copy the generated weblink and send it to others who have a compatible Echo device in the US!


  1. Enter a phrase into the text box. (Limit of 120 characters)
  2. Select a voice. (Hint: you can press the speaker icon to hear a sample of the voice)
  3. Select a voice mode.
  4. Click the send button to begin sending the phrase to your Amazon Echo device.
  5. A window will open, allowing you to sign in and connect to your Alexa enabled device so you can hear your phrase.
  6. Image of Alexa Skill Sign-in Screen.
  7. Once you are signed in, you can select your Alexa enabled device to hear the phrase, or choose to get a notification to hear it later.
  8. Image of selecting echo device.
  9. If you select an Echo device, the launch screen should appear.
  10. Image of Alexa Skill Launch Screen.
  11. Alexa should then activiate and ask you if you want to open the skill. Say "Yes" to hear your phrase!
Note: If you are using a mobile device with the Alexa App installed, the screens above will look different. If it does not appear to work, you can try to copy the generated weblink and paste it into a new browser window.
This site is not affiliated with, Inc. It uses an Alexa Skill called "Say What I Say" to process and output speech on an Echo device.

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